Woodsman 12X Chippers

Model 12X

The Woodsman Model 12Xtreme comes standard with our 36" diameter X 24" wide chipping drum. Woodsman drum chippers make two full cuts per revolution rather than four half cuts used by our competitors. The result is smoother cutting and smaller more uniform chips.

X12 Woodsman ChipperIdeal for a wide variety of users, from the smallest tree service to nationwide businesses operating entire fleets of chippers, the 12Xtreme is an extremely economical choice of chipper. The simple design of the Woodsman 12Xtreme means minimal maintenance requirements, and the performance of the chipper far exceeds chippers in competitive size and price range.

A 13" high x 24" wide opening at the feed wheel leads straight into the chipper. The drum carries extraordinary momentum and discharge velocity in all types of material. With a full 24" wide cut, large branches and crotches are fed easily into the chipper.

Dual hydraulic wheel drive motors provide high torque while lowering maintenance requirements. No feed wheel bearings to care for!

Woodsman chippers are equipped with height adjustable discharge chutes to fit any vehicle. Easy access to the chute is accomplished via a drop door.


Rear Pivoting Feed System
  • The extraordinary design of this feed system uses mechanical leverage to unlimited down pressure on the feed roller. The down pressure transfers more energy, or torque, to the feed wheel which in turn creates less slippage of the teeth on the material for a more positive feed. Our rear pivoting feed system is designed so efficient that there is no need for troublesome springs or a bottom feed roller on many other chippers.

    Woodsman utilizes a single feed wheel to efficiently and effectively feed all types of material. With our rearward pivoting feed wheel design, the need for down pressure springs is eliminated. As wood is fed into the machine, mechanical leverage is created. The pivot point of the feed assembly in conjunction with the rotation of the feed wheel causes a downward force proportional to the resistance from the material being fed.
Hydraulic System
  • Woodsman also uses a hydraulic system which includes O-ring face seal hoses. This ensures a clean, dry hydraulic system.
Feed Wheel Assist Cylinder
  • A great feature which is standard on all Woodsman chippers is the feed wheel assist cylinder. This hydraulic lift cylinder is designed to use down pressure to break crotches and limbs and it has lifting power to assist operators when feeding large diameter short pieces of wood. With the feed wheel lift bar position on both sides of the infeed, it is also very user friendly.

Drop Door
  • Our drop door on the discharge chute is for easy inspection. The easy access chipper anvil can be adjusted by one person without having to enter the chipper feed area, and the hydraulic feed wheel lift cylinder can be operated from either side of the machine.
Dual Valve Auto Feed
  • A dual valve auto feed not only stops the feed, but also simultaneously locks the feed roll for a quick response.
Main Frame
  • Woodsman chippers are solidly mounted on tubular steel frames for extra strength. The frame rails extend underneath the feed tables, giving additional support in the area of the chipper where the majority of work takes place. This feature virtually eliminates the incidence of cracked welds in the feed area.
Battery Compartment
  • Our battery is out in the open for convenient easy access. This makes any necessary maintenance a breeze.
O-Ring Face Seal Hoses
  • Woodsman also uses a hydraulic system which includes O-ring face seal hoses. This ensures a clean, dry hydraulic system.
Double Ended Pigtail
  • We use a double ended pigtail that makes it convenient if the wire lead is damaged. A simple plug and replacement is all that is needed instead of a complete rewiring.
Double Spherical Roller Bearing
  • The one feature that sets us apart from the competition is our rear pivoting feed system. Woodman uses a large double spherical roller bearing that attaches to the shaft by use of a taper locking adapter sleeve. This ensures a good fit, 360 degrees around the shaft versus the set screw style that locks tight against the shaft in only two places.


Reversing Auto-Feed Hydraulic Swivel Chute
Hand-Crank Swivel Chute PT Tech Clutch
Hydraulic Winch Hydraulic Front Stabilizer
Special Color Paint


6,400 lbs.
(4) 12" x 5" x 1/2"
83-130 hp
28 gallon
10 gallon
215/75R 17.5
7,000 lbs. Torflex
Sand blast and baked on powder coat paint
7,000 lbs.
6" x 2" x 1/4" rectangular tubing
1/2" thick steel plate
1/4" steel
60" x 36"
3/16" steel
25" wide x 20" high