Woodsman Chippers

Woodsman brush chippers have been on the market since 1994. Although our products have undergone refinements and improvements, the basic design of the machine remains unchanged. Our design is proven effective, and offers many advantages over other types of chippers. Woodsman drums extend knife wear because of their ability to utilize the full knife, unlike disc chippers. Material fed into the chipper does not have a natural tendency to whip from side to side, unlike disc chippers. Wood feeds at a safe and comfortable speed, unlike the original high-speed rotor drums.


Model 12X

The Woodsman Model 12Xtreme comes standard with our 36" diameter X 24" wide chipping drum. Woodsman drum chippers make two full cuts per revolution rather than four half cuts used by our competitors. The result is smoother cutting and smaller more uniform chips.
Model 2114

The 2114 is built in the original Woodsman design, with a 37" diameter drum carrying two full width knife pockets that provide smooth action and uniform chips. The reverse pivot arm with standard chain and sprocket drive is time-tested for reliability and awesome feeding power. Like all Woodsman chippers, the 2114 is equipped with a hydraulic lift cylinder on the pivot arm that can be operated from either side of the infeed. Also standard is the automatic feed system that keeps the engine rpm's working at the optimum speed for efficient and problem free chipping.

Model 15X

The Woodsman Model 15Xtreme with its 37" diameter X 24" wide cutting drum is an excellent mid-size chipper that fills the niche for tree professionals or municipal agencies that need to chip larger material. Loaded with standard features like the automatic feed system, feed wheel life cylinder and height adjustable discharge chute, the 15X is easily adaptable for various applications.

Model 18X

The Woodsman Model 18Xtreme is known for its healthy appetite. Now, with its beefed up hydraulic system, it takes performance to a new level. Available with horsepower from 116-275, this clean and simple design with fewer moving parts requires less maintenance than our competitors.

Model 20X

The Woodsman Model 20Xtreme boasts the largest chipping drum available in a handfed chipper today. This workhorse is at home on the street doing residential removals as well as in the middle of a forty acre land clearing. This versatile machine can be configured to your application with options like our knuckle-boom loader, folding infeed conveyor, and wireless remote controls.