Vermeer SC90 Stump Cutter

Vermeer SC90 Stump GrinderSC90

Put stumps to rest. Featuring enough power to effectively remove stumps up to 3 feet in diameter, the SC90 stump cutter tackles stumps in locations where larger equipment is not accessible. The unit is both portable and easy to maneuver, but its greatest attribute is the cutter wheel. Smooth cutting and long lasting, it takes only a few minutes to change using just 2 - 9/16" wrenches.

Features & Benefits

Feature: 4-Piece Segmented Cutter Wheel
Benefit: Allows quick and economical replacement or sharpening of worn or damaged segments. An entire wheel can be changed in a minimal amount of time using 2- 9/16" wrenches. Each segment contains 3 tungsten carbide cutting teeth mounted at -40, 0, and 40 degree angles.
Feature: Effective 9" Wheel Diameter
Benefit: The diameter and tooth alignment of the wheel minimizes droop from the 2800 rpm average cutting speed for maximum productivity.
Feature: Dual Grip Rigidly Mounted Handle
Benefit: Minimizes vibration and allows comfortable gripping variation based on approach angles.
Feature: Walk-Behind Stump Cutter Design
Benefit: Keeps unit highly portable for access to backyard environments and confined areas. The unit is also ideal for tight spots where there are large concentrations of small stumps.


Length  78 " 198 cm
Width  26.5 " 67 cm
Height  41 " 104 cm
Weight with Gas Engine (2WD)  220 lbs 99.8 kg
Cutter Wheel/Drive
Wheel Diameter w/ Teeth  9 " 23 cm
Wheel Cut Below Ground  12 " 30 cm
Tooth Quantity  12
Segmented Cutter Wheel  Yes
Number of Cutter Wheel Segments  4
Fuel Tank  1.59 gal 6.02 L
Make and Model  Honda
Horsepower  9 hp 6.7 kw
Drive System
Type  Belt Drive
Belt  2-V Banded Cogged Belt