Vermeer SC60TX Stump Cutter

Vermeer SC60TX Stump GrinderSC60TX

Bold performance in the front or backyard. The Vermeer name has become synonymous with stump cutting innovation. That promise to uphold customer needs continues with the SC60TX - a high horsepower, self-propelled stump cutter capable of fitting through a 36" (91 cm) opening. With the proven reliability of the patented AutoSweep system and gear-drive system, daily belt adjustment or alignment is eliminated.

Features & Benefits

Feature: Patented Gear Box Driven Cutter Wheel System
Benefit: This is a more efficient drive as compared to the hydrostatic systems offered by competitors. This system directs the maximum amount of horsepower to the cutter wheel. There is no side load on engine, unlike a belt drive, there are no belts to adjust or align.
Feature: Ground Pressure
Benefit: 4.1 PSI on soft ground and 12.6 PSI on hard surfaces helps to reduce the ground disturbance while traveling across delicate surfaces but when needed the rubber tracks will provide the tractive effort necessary to work on jobs such as land clearing operations.
Feature: Zero Turning Radius
Benefit: An important specification to an operator in the stump cutting business is the sweep arc. A wide sweep arc is important during the cutting process to reduce the amount of repositoining time necessary to complete a removal. The SC60TX track machine has a zero turning radius.
Feature: Planetary Track Drive
Benefit: Compact planetary traction drive provides more tractive effort for maneuvering in difficult conditions, lessens vulnerability to damage from hitting objects and reduces overall track height. Track frames with six track rollers also lessen the chance of detracking.
Feature: 60 HP Caterpillar Engine - 3024CT Diesel Liquid Cooled
Benefit: The Patented Vermeer Gear Drive cutter system coupled with the 60HP CAT engine allows operators to have the best of both worlds - a strong and productive right of way machine and a strong and productive backyard machine.


Height  72 " 183 cm
Weight with Gas Engine (2WD)  3500 lbs 1587.6 kg
Main Frame
Frame Construction  Tube and Plate
Chip Contanment  23 cu ft .65 cu m
Cutter Wheel/Drive
Wheel Diameter w/o Teeth  23 " 58 cm
Wheel Thickness  .75 " 2 cm
Wheel Swing Arc  69 " 175 cm
Wheel Cut Above Ground  27 " 69 cm
Wheel Cut Below Ground  16 " 41 cm
Tooth Quantity  30
Cutter wheel drivetrain  Patented Vermeer Gear Box direct drive system
Fuel Tank  12 gal 45.42 L
Make and Model  CAT 3024CT Diesel
Horsepower  60 hp 44.7 kw
Type of Fuel  Diesel
Ground Drive
Undercarriage Extension  Undercarriage extends or retracts 16"
Tracks  Steel Re-Inforced rubberized 230mm width, 54 pads,
Ground Drive / Propel system
Drive Type  Integral motor and Planetary unit
High Range Travel Speed  110
Low Range Travel Speed  20
Brakes  Spring Applied, Hydraulically released
Steering Type  Independently controlled tracks
Ground Pressure  4.1 psi on soft ground , 12.6 psi on hard surface