Vermeer SC352 Stump Cutter

Vermeer SC352 Stump GrinderSC352

Redefining industry standards. With similar design characteristics of its predecessor, the Vermeer SC252 unit, the SC352 stump cutter is targeted at filling the needs of contractors in the stump cutter removal market. The SC352 boasts the power necessary for right of way clearing jobs, but remains versatile, lightweight and compact to tackle those hard-to-reach stumps hidden in the backyard.

Features & Benefits

Feature: Cutter wheel drive system
Benefit: The cutter wheel drive system eliminates the bottom drive belt alignment. It reduces some routine maintenance as compared to complete belt drive systems. A gearbox direct drive system offers an efficient transfer of hp from the engine to the cutter wheel.
Feature: Narrow Machine Width
Benefit: The SC352 has the power to do right-of-way clearing yet is versatile, lightweight, and compact so even stumps hidden in the back yard can be reached with the SC352. The standard 35" (89 cm) overall machine width (with dual tires removed) allows the machine to fit through most standard back yard gates.
Feature: Hydraulic front steer
Benefit: Control lever location is convenient and easily accessible to the operator. The function of steering and maneuverability is simple to decrease the learning curve for new operators. Steering geometry is designed so that the machine can be repositioned easily in small areas.
Feature: AutoSweep
Benefit: AutoSweep actually stops the sweeping motion if necessary to prevent engine stalls while cutting hard wood and/or slows sweep rate according to the engine RPM to help ensure a smooth cut across the stump. Autosweep eliminates constant operator interface during the stump cutting operation and helps increase productivity. An additional benefit toof AutoSweep is that the overall life of the machine and drive components can be increased since it by reduces sudden engine stalls or wheel stoppage.
Feature: Electric clutch engagement
Benefit: With the flip of a switch the clutch is fully engaged and the operator does not need to do any manual manipulation of a belt tensioner or slide the engine to begin cutting. Engine slide adjustment or alignment process is eliminated.


Length  124 " 315 cm
Width  34.8 " 88 cm
Gas Engine (2WD)  1750 lbs 793.8 kg
Main Frame
Steering Axle Type  Oscillating two wheel steering
Cutter Wheel/Drive
Wheel Diameter  18 " 46 cm
Wheel Swing Arc  40 " 102 cm
Wheel Cut Above Ground  22 " 56 cm
Wheel Cut Below Ground  14 " 36 cm
Make and Model  Briggs and Stratton Vanguard Gasoline
Horsepower - Engine Option #1  35 hp 26.1 kw
Type of Fuel  Gasoline
Engine Option 2
Make and Model  Daihatsu DM954DT Diesel
Horsepower - Engine Option #2  34 hp 25.4 kw
4 Wheel Drive  One motor for each drive wheel All Wheel Drive
Push Blade (Hydraulic controlled)  33" wide blade 84 cm wide blade
Ground Drive / Propel system
Drive Type  Dual Drive Wheels (Rubber tire) or 4WD Optional