Vermeer SC130 Stump Cutter

Vermeer SC130 Stump GrinderSC130

A cut above. The SC130 is portable and easy to maneuver, but its greatest attribute is the cutter wheel. Smooth cutting and long lasting, it takes only a few minutes to change using just 2 - 9/16" wrenches. Composed of 12 tungsten-carbide teeth common on larger commercial units, the wheel is segmented into four sections. If a section becomes damaged, it can be changed without replacing the entire wheel. The result - fast, economical replacement or sharpening of worn or damaged wheel segments.

Features & Benefits

Feature: Walk-Behind Stump Cutter Design
Benefit: Keeps unit highly portable for access to backyard environments and confined areas. The unit is also ideal for tight spots where there are large concentrations of small stumps.
Feature: 4-Piece Segmented Cutter Wheel
Benefit: Allows quick and economical replacement or sharpening of worn or damaged segments. An entire wheel can be changed in a minimal amount of time using 2- 9/16" wrenches. Each segment contains 3 tungsten carbide cutting teeth mounted at -40, 0, and 40 degree angles.
Feature: Dual Grip Rigidly Mounted Handle
Benefit: Minimizes vibration and allows comfortable gripping variation based on approach angles.
Feature: Operator Presence
Benefit: Controls throttle and clutch engagement but does not stop the engine.


Length  78 " 198 cm
Width  29.5 " 75 cm
Height  43.5 " 110 cm
Weight with Gas Engine (2WD)  260 lbs 117.9 kg
Cutter Wheel/Drive
Wheel Diameter w/ Teeth  9 " 23 cm
Wheel Cut Below Ground  12 " 30 cm
Tooth Quantity  12
Segmented Cutter Wheel  Yes
Number of Cutter Wheel Segments  4
Fuel Tank  1.72 gal 6.51 L
Make and Model  Honda
Horsepower  13 hp 9.7 kw
Drive System
Type  Belt Drive
Belt  2-V Banded Cogged Belt