Vermeer BC600XL Wood Chipper

Vermeer BC600XLBC600XL

Compact, feature packed and ready to produce results. Job after job, the Vermeer® 600 series of brush chippers have proven their reputation as the leader in its class of machines. Known for its ease-of-use and transportability, the compact, feature-packed 600 series is a top-of-the-line performer. The newest member of the family, the BC600XL is sure to continue this tradition. This disc-style chipper is the right choice for rental companies, municipal work crews, landscaping professionals, golf course managers and tree service contractors that want a dependable brush chipper capable of processing material up to 6" (15 cm) in diameter. With the standard Auto Feed II® system to maximize productivity and the innovative Bottom Feed Stop Bar to enhance operator safety, the BC600XL brush chipper is the right choice for experts or novices looking to process brush or limbs.

Features & Benefits

Feature: Auto Feed II
Benefit: Allows optimum efficiency in most conditions. Reduces engine stress by monitoring RPM levels and stopping the feed rollers when there is a drop, and restarting them when RPM levels pick back up. Controls the feed rate of material for fewer jams.
Feature: Bottom Feed Stop Bar
Benefit: The GREEN lever located on each side of the feed table is used to reset or activate the feed rollers. The Bottom Bar is strategically located to make it possible for the operator's leg to strike the bar and shut off the feed mechanism either intentionally or automatically in an emergency situation. The BC600XL BFSB system is completely mechanical and this allows for easy adjustment or troubleshooting if necessary.
Feature: Engine
Benefit: This is an 8% increase in HP over the BC625A and this engine delivers the necessary power to the cutting disk to maximixe machine performance.
Feature: Compact Size
Benefit: This compact unit can be moved in restricted spaces such as within the parking lot or yard to help make the best use of space for our customers at rental stores. Unit can be towed by Small pickup or SUV.
Feature: Hydraulic System
Benefit: Fewer switches and parts result in increased ease-of-operation and decreased service costs. Allows the feed speed to be adjusted up to 230 fpm (70.1 m/min.)for maximum engine efficiency and reduced stress.

Length  110 " 279.4 cm
Width  53.5 " 135.9 cm
Height  94 " 238.8 cm
Make and Model  Kohler Command Pro 27
Horsepower  27 hp 20.1 kw
Type of Fuel  Gasoline
No. of Cylinders  2
Cooling Medium  Air
Engine Option 2
Make and Model  Perkins 103-10 European Option Only
Horsepower  23.5 hp 17.5 kw
Type of Fuel  Diesel
No. of Cylinders  3
Cooling Medium  Liquid
Fuel Tank  7 gal 26.5 L
Hydraulic Tank  7 gal 26.5 L
Frame Description  Deck: 11ga. Plate, Undercarriage: 3/16" Plate
Tires  18.5x8.5-8 LRC
Axle/Suspension  2000lbs Capacity Rubber Torsional
Hitch  2" ball coupler
Cutting System
Disc/Drum Speed Range  1835RPM (Kohler) 1910RPM (Perkins) European Only
Drum Size O.D.  24 " 61 cm
Knives  2
Bedknife  4 edges
Feed System
Chipping Capacity  6 " 15.2 cm
Infeed Opening Height  6 " 15.2 cm
Infeed Opening Width  6 " 15.2 cm
Feed Table Length  29.5 " 74.9 cm
Feed Table Height  31.5 " 80 cm
Roller Style  Single Horizontal Roller
Feed Speed Range  230 Feet per Minute (Kohler) 165 Feet per Minute (Perkins) European Only
Discharge System
Discharge Height  94 " 238.8 cm
Degree of Rotation  240 deg