Vermeer BC1400XL Wood Chipper

Vermeer BC1400XLBC1400XL

Innovation and reliability in a drum-style chipper. The Vermeer BC1400XL drum-style chipper is an innovative, next-generation machine designed for tree care contractors and municipalities. With a 122 hp (91 kw) CAT engine, a 45 gal (170 L) fuel tank that allows (approx.) 17-plus hours of continuous operation, large gauges for easy monitoring and a solid,precision-balanced 22.5" (57 cm) diameter drum, the BC1400XL has the features you need for high-production chipping projects.An optional 2000lb (907 kg) winch aids in gathering and lifting large, heavy material.

Features & Benefits

Feature: Standard HP
Benefit: This 15" (38 cm) capacity chipper equipped with the 122 HP (91 kw) CAT engine offers productivity at a level necessary to complete almost all types of tree care jobs.
Feature: Drum
Benefit: Solid, precision balanced 22.5" (57 cm) diameter cutting mechanism equipped with 2, (2 sided) 5" X 8" (13 cm x 20 cm) grade A8 chipper steel knives. Below each knife is a large "closed" pocket designed to carry and throw material within the air stream created by 4 curved paddles\fans attached to the end caps of the drum (2 paddles per end cap.) This design ensures a swift and powerful flow of the chips through the chute.
Feature: In-Feed Opening - 15" x 20" (38 cm x 51 cm)
Benefit: This large opening makes feeding forked and irregular material easier and decreases the number of saw cuts necessary prior to sending the log into the feed rollers. The feed rollers spread to match the in-feed opening helping to ensure that materials are fed into the drum to be processed.
Feature: Bottom Feed Stop Bar
Benefit: From the market leader in the brush chipper industry comes this latest technological advancement that improves operator safety. Vermeer has long been a leader in safety innovation starting with long feed tables and continuing with innovations like the Bottom Feed Stop Bar. The Bottom Bar is strategically located to make it possible for the operator's leg to strike the bar and shut off the feed mechanism either intentionally or automatically in an emergency situation. The BC1400XL is equipped with RESET/HOLD to RUN buttons on each side of the infeed housing to make the reset process simple and quick if the bar is tripped. These RESET buttons can also be depressed for up to 30 seconds to over ride the bottom bar temporarily during difficult feeding conditions.
Feature: SmartFeed
Benefit: This patented feed sensing control system offers all of the same advantages as the SmartFeed system on the BC1800XL. This feed sensing control system increases productivity. Customers can choose between 3 RPM "droop" settings to make the BC1400XL fit their specific application. A simple "plug in" cartridge is installed just like on the BC1800XL to change from one RPM setting to another.
Feature: Hydraulic Over Pressure Sensor
Benefit: Integrated into the SmartFeed controller is a hydraulic over pressure sensor that detects a possible stall of the feed roller motors during the feeding process. Prior to a stall this controller will initiate a reversing sequence that actually manipulates the material back and forth (a greater distance each time) until the material goes through the rollers and into the chipping chamber. In many cases this automatic repeated reversing action by the controller repositions the material and eliminates the need for operator interface or interaction. The constant handling by an operator of the upper feed control bar is also reduced if not eliminated. The operators on site can continue to gather material or finish their work while the machine automatically completes the processing.


Weight  6580 lbs 2984.6 kg
Length  217 " 551 cm
Width  86 " 218 cm
Height  104 " 264 cm
Make and Model  Caterpillar 3054 DITA, Turbo charged, aftercooled
Horsepower  122 hp 91 kw
Type of Fuel  diesel
No. of Cylinders  4
Cooling Medium  Liquid 30 quart capacity, 12.2 quarts engine only
Fuel Tank  45 gal 170.34 L
Hydraulic Tank  12 gal 45.42 L
Frame Description  .25 inch "Z" Channel Fenders-Steel, bolt on
Tires  LT235/85R16 LrE-Standard LT265/75R16 LrE-Flotation
Axle/Suspension  7000 lbs. rubber torsion
Hitch  Pintle-2 3/8" ID
Cutting System
Disc/Drum Speed  2150 rpm
Drum Size O.D.  22.5 " 57 cm
Drum Width  22 " 55.9 cm
Knives  2 knives, A8 Chipper Steel .625" X 5.0 X 8.0"
Bedknife  4 Edges, 28.9" x 2.5" Square CR 1018, adjustable standing next to machine
Feed System
Chipping Capacity  15 " 38 cm
Infeed Opening Height  20 " 51 cm
Infeed Opening Width  15 " 38 cm
Feed Table Length  67.4 " 171 cm
Feed Table Height  27.2 " 69 cm
Roller Style  2 Vertical, 20.9" Diameter, 20" height 1.3" distance from drum, 12 knives per roller
Discharge System
Discharge Height  104 " 264 cm
Degree of Rotation  270 deg