Salsco 824 Wood Chipper

Salsco 824 Brush Chipper4" x 8" 3-Point Chipper
3-Point Hitch
Model 824

The Model 824 connects easily to any Category I, 3-point tractor, requiring only 16 HP and 540 R.P.M. at the P.T.O.  The 824 comes with its own hydraulic system and needs no oil from the tractor.  It has four adjustable legs which can be raised for transport through the woods, or lowered for storage and operation.  All welds are continuous for extra strength and durability.  The 360º swivel exhaust chute and exhaust flap are quickly and easily adjusted to direct the exhaust.

     No Ordinary 4" Chipper!


The extra wide infeed hopper allows the bushy branches to be pulled in and chipped.  This lessens the amount of pruning that needs to be done.  Control handle has a slow speed, fast speed, neutral and reverse to control chip size and feed speed, and is easily accessible from either side of the infeed.




The chipper disc is 18-7/8" in diameter and 3/4" thick, with six exhaust paddles, welded and gusseted for extra strength.  There are 2 chip blades, 1/2" thick x 7-1/4" long x 4" wide and they are double sided!




Salsco 824 ChipperThe 824 has only one options, feed sensing.  Feed sensing counts the impeller R.P.M. and if the tractor is getting loaded up due to a combination of large long logs and not enough horsepower, the Feed Sensing will stip the feed roll and allow the tractor to catch up.





Chipper Disc 3/4" thick x 18-7/8" diameter disc mounted on a 2" diameter steel shaft with six exhaust blades; approximate weight:  160 pounds.
Chipper Blades Two double-sided chip blades made of oil hardened steel.  Each blade is 7" long x 4-12/" wide x 1/2" thick.
Bed Knives Two 1" thick reversible and adjustable bed knives--One horizontal & One vertical.
Infeed Opening 4" x 8" opening at the infeed roll means less trimming and pruning.
Infeed Chute 29" wide x 24" high (689 sq. in.); 26-7/8" from edge to roll; 28" from ground to tray.  Control bar is positioned at the top of the infeed tray to control movement of the feed wheel; high speed, low speed, neutral and reverse.
Feed Roll One 7" diameter x 8" long feed roll, with cutter blades, powered by a variable speed hydraulic pump.
Hydraulics Piston type hydrostatic pump with variable speed control; 94 feet per minute maximum feed rate; hoses are 2500 P.S.I. working and 10,000 P.SI burst.
Hydraulic Tank 10" x 8-1/4" x 8" steel tank with lockable filler cap and dip stick; 2.6 gallon capacity.
Paint Orange, polyester powder coat paint provides excellent outdoor weatherability and offers protection against ultra violet discoloration.
Exhaust Chute Continuous welds for added strength and durability; features easy 360° swivel.
Dimensions Width - 29", Height to Top of Discharge - 69", Weight - 675 lbs. (approximately)