Salsco 813 Series Wood Chipper

Salsco 813 Brush Chipper

13" Capacity Wood Chipper
Model 813

Performance & Durability!

Infeed Opening - 33" x 57" (1,881 sq. in.) Reduces chain sawing time!  45" from edge of standard infeed pan to center of feed roller.
Feed Roll Opening - 13" x 18".  Wide branches and Christmas trees are No Problem!
Feed Roll - 21" diameter, with 1-1/4" replaceable blades.  No slippage even with vines, prunings, and palm fronds!
Fenders - 1/4" Diamond plate with heavy duty light enclosures!
Chipper Disc - 2" x 40" dia. (Approx. 700lbs.) Provides sufficient weight to continuously chip through large volumes of material!
813 hosesChipper Blades - Six (6) Double edged, reversible & bolted.  Less down time and easily accessible!
Exhaust Chute - 360° Rotation.  (270° stop available, if required)  Position chute in any direction, adjustable chip deflector, not tools necessary!
Fuel Tank - Extra large, lockable, with drain plug!  Reduces frequency of refueling! 
Hydraulic Tank - Extra large, lockable, with drain plug!  Has fins on the outside and is painted black for dissipation of heat!
Paint - Powder coated, baked enamel.  Superior weatherability and protection against discoloration!

Salsco 813 Wood Chipper

Extra Wide Opening means less pruning & trimming!




Towing Hitch Adjustable height hitch.  2" ball, 2-5/16" ball, or 3" pintle couplers available.
Tongue 2" x 3" x 1/4" wall, rectangular steel tube.  Bolt on tongue bracket is 1/2" steel plate bracket with 1/4" gussets.
Tongue Jack Top wind swivel snap ring mount jack.  1,000 lb. lift capacity.  Lift-10".  Secures in either an up or down positions
Trailer 3" x 2" x 1/4" wall rectangular steel tube, continuous welds for strength and gusseted where needed.  
Fenders 1/4" heavy duty diamond plate fenders with safety light guards.
Lights Stop, directional and safety.  Enclosed
Safety Chains 3/16" diameter x 48" long, with 3/8" diameter hooks.  Meets SAE safety standards.
Axle 2,400 lb. Torflex Axle, features an independent suspension, cushioned with rubber, providing a smooth, quiet ride with no transfer of road shock from one wheel to the other.
Tires (2) F-78-14.  Load range C/6 ply rating.  High speed, highway rib mounted on a five bolt white spoked wheel. 
Paint Orange, polyester powder coated paint provides excellent outdoor weatherability and offers protection against ultra violet discoloration.
Fuel Tank 10 1/4" x 13" x 22" steel tank.  13 gallon capacity with lockable filler cap, dip stick & drain plug. 
Hydraulic Tank 8 1/4" x 10 3/8" x 10 1/4" steel tank. 4 gallon capacity, with lockable filler cap, dip stick & drain plug.
Infeed Chute 40" wide x 23" high, (920 sq. in.) 61" from edge to pinch point, 19 3/4" from ground to tray.  Fold down infeed pan with sides.  Control bar positioned at top of chute to control movement of the feed wheel - forward/neutral/reverse.
Chipper Disc 1" thick x 26" diameter disc mounted on a 2" diameter steel shaft with four exhaust blades.  (Approximately 200 lbs.)
Blades Two sets of chip blades, 2 blades per set.  Each blade is 5" long x 4" wide x 1/2" thick, oil hardened steel, and double sided.
Chipper Blade Opening 6" X 12" opening at the infeed roll.
Bed Knives (2) One horizontal and one vertical, Both are adjustable and 1" thick steel.
Hydraulic Feed System Sunstrand BDP10 piston type hydrostatic pump with variable speed control.  Maximum feed rate, 94' per minute.  Hydraulic hoses - 2,500 lbs., P.S.I. working, 10,000 lbs. P.S.I. burst.
Hydraulic Feed One 7" diameter x 12" long feed roll, with cutter blades.  Blades for soft or hard wood, powered by a hydraulic motor.
Battery 12 V automotive style, 350 cold cranks with lockable box.
Tool Box Lockable tool box large enough to hold a grease gun and other necessary tools.
Discharge 360º swivel chute with adjustable chip deflector.  NO tools necessary for adjustment.
Overall Dimensions Length with feed tray closed - 109".  Width - 78".  Height to top of discharge - 90".  Weight - 2,120 lbs. (approximately)