Salsco 627 Wood Chipper

Salsco 627 Brush Chipper6" Capacity Wood Chipper
Model 627

Model 627 is a 6" capacity chipper with a large 7" x 8" infeed opening.  Clear debris curtain strips protect the user from material fly back.  This unit utilizes six 1/2" thick double edge chip blades and a 1/2" thick bed knife for consistent chip size and guaranteed results with even those small, viney, stringy, messy jobs! 

      Standard Features

  • 7" x 8" infeed opening
  • 6 - 1/2" thick double  sided chip blades
  • 1" thick impeller
  • 4-bolt, cast iron, self   aligning, greasable  bearings!
  • 1-replacable,  sharpenable,   adjustable bed knife
  • Only 25 Hp Required @ the PTO!

No tools required for the 360º exahust chute or the easy adjust exhaust flap.





Extra wide 7" x 8" infeed opening means less pruning and trimming. 




627 Chipper Specs