Morbark Twister 12 Brush Chipper

Morbark Twister 12 Chipper

The Morbark Twister 12 brush chipper is ideal for a multitude of applications, including rental stores that require a “step up” from an eight-inch chipper, yet still need an easily towed unit, municipalities doing curbside work, and professional tree care companies performing day to day trimming operations.

The heavy-duty Twister is built standard with two knife drums.  Making two cuts per evolution instead of one, the additional knife drum translates into greater productivity and increased efficiency.  Because of a smoother material feed, this drum chipper is once again a cut above competitive brush chippers in the same size and price range.

The Twister 12, designed to accept a wide variety of gas or diesel engines, is equipped with a clutch, eliminating the need for sliding clutch tables or over-center belt tighteners.  The Twister is also equipped with live hydraulics, allowing the hydraulic system to be operated without requiring the chipper to be engaged.

Morbark Twister 12 ChipperWith its patent-pending air impeller system, this brush chipper directs a high volume of controlled airflow through the discharge chute.  This system expels both chips and light, leafy material with extreme effectiveness.  In addition, this unique design provides the ability to securely lock the drum into place while performing routine inspections and maintenance.

The Twister is equipped with a dual feed wheel system, greatly enhancing the feeding characteristics of the chipper.  The large 16” x 10” feed wheel opening increases the chipper’s ability to process difficult limbs and brush.

    The Twister 12 is built standard with a rugged 4,500 pound, torsional axle that provides superior towing smoothness and support for the entire unit.  Electric brakes, to provide greater stopping ability, are also standard.


  • Rigid 1.5" diameter control bar provides a positive feel for the operator.
  • Hydra-lift system uses live hydraulics to lift the top feed wheel for maintenance and to manually apply extra down pressure when more crushing power is required.
  • Discharge chute is height adjustable, with three positions to choose from.
  • Easily adjustable discharge deflector has four locking positions.
  • Telescoping tongue has three positions to match towing vehicle.
  • The 360 degree manual crnak discharge turns easily without the use of tools.
  • Autofeed system is standard equipment on the Twister 12
  • Durable tubular steel frame extends beneath the infeed chute for extra support.
  • The Twister 12 Chip box unit provides a heavy-duty, mid-range chipper that doesn't require a specially outfitted truck. Equipped with dual hydrauli lift cylinders and self-contained electrically operated pump, the unit is durable, with reinforced steel.
  • Dual hydraulic powered feed wheels with a 12" x 14" feed opening allow forked limbs to enter the chipper more easily.
  • The Twister 12 is equipped with an automatic belt tensioner, eliminating the need for belt adjustments.
  • Morbark's unique method of mounting the feed wheel drive motors provides a solid base, reducing the risk of shaft damage and leaky selas.
  • The dual edged, resharpenable knives are easily accessed through the flip-up chipper hood. An air impeller, located within the shipper base, dramatically reduces plugging incidents.

Available Options:

  • Rubber Infeed Curtain
  • Tongue Jack with Castor Wheel
  • Aluminum Diamond Plate Fenders
  • Folding Infeed Tray
  • Special Color Paint
  • Auto Clutch
  • *Other options available upon request.


Length (approx)
16' 0 "
8' 0 "
6' 0 "
Weight (average)
4,600 lbs.
Feed Rate
80 fpm
2" x 4 " tubular frame
3" x 4" center beam
ST245/75 R15
2.5" lunet ring or 2" ball
Chipping Capacity
Fuel Capacity
25 gallon
Hydraulic Oil Capacity
18 gallon
Infeed Throat Opening
12"w x 14 "
Infeed Chute Opening
41"w x 39"
(2) - 10.5 " x 5" x 0.5"
Drum Diameter
Drum Width