Morbark Tornado 15 Brush Chipper

Morbark Tornado 15 ChipperEvery brush chipper has a niche, and for the Morbark Tornado 15, tree services professionals, small land clearing contractors and municipalities are a perfect fit.  That’s not to say the Tornado is suited for only those markets, because that’s far from the truth.  On the contrary, the Tornado is one of the most versatile and powerful brush chippers on the market today.  It’s not only able to chip up to 15” diameter wood with stability and durability, but this unique machine is also available as a PTO unit designed for tractors ranging from 110 – 140 horsepower.

The Tornado 15 is built with the same heavy-duty construction that sets all Morbark chippers ahead of the rest.  It easily accepts the toughest wood debris, from tree trimmings to total tree removal, including the quick and easy disposal of Christmas trees.

Manufactured using modern welding techniques and a skilled workforce, the Tornado comes standard with electric brakes, Torflex axles and a heavy-duty tubular style frame.  To increase productivity on the already top-notch machine, the Tornado is also built standard with a reversing automatic feed system.  This feature makes it possible to not only stop the feed system, but to also reverse the material away from the drum.  Because of this, the chipper regains its RPMs even quicker.  This results in increased fuel economy, and even greater productivity.

Morbark Tornado 15 ChipperThere’s even more features that set the Tornado ahead of the rest.  The radiator is mounted at a 90-degree angle, which helps prevent debris from building up on the radiator screen, causing overheating problems.  In addition, the unique patented, integrated air system is located in the chipper housing to provide controlled airflow to assist in carrying leafy, light material into the back of the truck

Ease of maintenance is also an important component of productivity.  In this line of thinking, Morbark designed all of its brush chippers so that knife changes can take place in as little as 10 minutes, and that includes the Tornado.  There are no nuts or washers behind the knife to fall into the chipper housing.  In addition, the dual cylinders on the top feed wheel use live hydraulics to lift the feed wheel for quick routine maintenance and inspections without engaging the chipper drum.


  • The wide, heavy duty infeed chute enables unrestricted flow of material, dramatically reducing chainsaw time and increasing production.
  • Infeed top and sides are manufactured with 1/4" thich steel and the infeed floor is a durable 3/8" thick steel.
  • Reversing auto feed system is standard on the Tornado.
  • A dedicated hydraulic system design created constant down pressure on the top feed roller for smooth, steady feed.
  • Height adjustable 360 degree swivel discharge is constructed with 3/8" thick steel on the top and 1/4" steel on the sides through the radius for long-term durability.
  • A patented air impeller system on the chipper drum provides steady airflow to carry eafy light material through the discharge.
  • Standard telescoping tongue offers three different tongue settings to match the vehicles towing setup.
  • A heavy-duty six inche tubular frame extends under the infeed on the Tornado for exceptional support.
  • Knife changes are quick and simple. Knives are easy to access and threaded knife packets eliminate troublesome washers and nuts.
  • A huge 320 square inch throat opening accepts large volumes of brushy, limby material. With minimal "dead" space behind the feed roller, jamming problems are virtually eliminated.
  • Accessories such as winch and stabilizer jacks are designed for easy bolt on installation.
  • The dual Hydra-Lift system utilitizes live hydraulics to provide life assist for routine maintenance and inspections without engaging the chipper drum. Also, the operator can apply extra hydraulic down pressure when more crushing power is required.
  • A powerful hydraulic motor powers a chain and sprocket driven feed roller, multiplying torque, overcoming stalling issues and eliminating problems associated with direct coupling designs.

Available Options:

  • Hydraulic Swivel Discharge
  • Rubber Infeed Curtain
  • Folding infeed tray
  • Hydraulic Winch with Cable
  • Aluminum diamond plate fenders
  • *Other options available upon request.


Length (single)
16' 2 "
8' 4 "
6' 11"
Feed Rate
100 fpm
Torflex torsional
2" x 6" tubular
4" x 6" center beam
235/75 R17.5
2.5" lunet ring or 2" ball
Weight (average)
Axle Weight
6,300 lbs
Tongue Weight
700 lbs
Total Weight
7,000 lbs
Chipping Capacity
110-140 HP
Fuel Capacity
31 gallon
Hydraulic Oil Capacity
14 gallon
Infeed Throat Opening
20"w x 15 "
Infeed Chute Opening
56"w x 37"
(2) - 10.5" x 5" x 0.5"
Drum Diameter
Drum Width