Morbark Storm 12 Brush Chipper

Morbark Storm 12 Chipper

Built for today’s high production requirements, the Storm 12 is designed for tree services, municipalities, small lot clearing and rental stores.

Constructed with the same heavy duty steel as all Morbark chippers, the Storm is built to last.

The pivot-arm style feed system, which dramatically reduces wear compared to competitive systems, was designed to add extra life to the Storm.  Other superior features include the heavy duty tubular frame construction, and fuel and hydraulic tanks mounted on rubber isolators.  The discharge chute is equipped with an easily adjustable chip deflector.

Morbark Storm 12 ChipperThe Storm, built by a skilled workforce, also features a hydraulic cylinder that makes raising the feed wheel easy.  Live hydraulics provide hydraulic power to the unit without requiring the chipper to be engaged.  A torsional axle, standard with electric brakes, eliminates leaf spring problems.

The hydraulic and fuel tanks are equipped standard with high quality float-type gauges, eliminating the need to guess fluid levels.  The dual feed wheel system has hydraulic motors bolted solidly to a heavy duty mount.  This prevents unnecessary stress on the hydraulic motor shaft and seals, which can occur with plug-in type systems. 


  • Clip deflector, with four locking positions, is easily adjusted.
  • Heavy-duty 1/4: thick hood is hinged with 1" pins providing easy knife access.
  • Pivot-arm style feed system dramatically reduces wear compared to competitive systems.
  • Contoured edges on infeed add strength and help to elminate brush hang-ups.
  • Durable tubular steel frame construction is superior to channel iron frames. Extends under infeed for support.
  • Fuel and hydraulic tanks are mounted on rubber isolators and are standard with high quality site gauges.
  • Live hydraulics provide hydraulic power without requiring the chipper to be engaged.
  • The infeed opening of the Storm 12 measures 12" x 18" at the feed wheel, and flares out to a 30" x 50" opening at the end/
  • Auto feed is standard on the Storm 12 for maximum productivity and chipping power.
  • The hydraulic and fuel tanks are equipped standard with high quality float-type gauges.
  • The Storm 12 utilizes a B-Loc coupler with torque arm to connect the hydraulic motor to the feed wheel shaft.
  • The Morbark pivot arm style feed system eliminates binding problems because it utilizes a single pivot point rather than equiring the entire mechanism to slide on wear rails.

Available Options:

  • Hydraulic Swing Tongue
  • Folding Infeed Tray
  • Special Color Paint
  • *Other options available upon request.


Length (approx)
17' 5 "
8' 2 "
6' 11"
Weight (average)
6,000 lbs.
6,000 Torflex
2" x 6" tubular steel
LT245/75 R16
2.5" lunet ring or 2" ball
Chipping Capacity
Fuel Capacity
26.5 gallon with sight gauge
Hydraulic Oil Capacity
17.5 gallon with sight gauge Live hydraulics
Infeed Throat Opening
18"w x 12 "
Infeed Chute Opening
50"w x 30"
Feed Wheels
(2) 9.5" dia x 17" long
(4) - 7.25 " x 5" x 0.5"
Disc Size
2" thich x 37" diameter