Morbark Hurricane 18 with Loader

Hurricane 18The Model Hurricane 18’s heavy-duty construction will withstand the rigorous daily abuse that can cause ordinary chippers to be short- lived. Excellent for development contractors and tree services, the Hurricane 18 is equipped with a heavy duty, height adjustable, 360-degree discharge chute and with replaceable knife holders on the drum.

The patented, integrated air system is located in the chipper housing to provide controlled airflow to assist in carrying light, leafy material into the back of the truck. All hydraulic components are powered directly from the engine, providing live hydraulics without requiring clutch engagement. The feed wheel control handle has adjustable stops to protect the hydraulic valve from abuse. The hydraulic fluid is not only environmentally safe, but it is also heavy duty, anti-wear and anti- foaming.

Morbark Hurricane ChipperAlso standard on the Hurricane is a rugged torsional suspension with electronic brakes for smooth towing. The tubular steel frame construction of the machine provides superior strength and durability that is built into all Morbark chippers.

Strength is also added to the Hurricane 18 through the contoured edges on the top and sides of the infeed, which also eliminate hang-ups. The infeed floor, also built with heavy-duty 3/8” thick steel, slopes to a comfortable loading height. The 20” high by 30” wide opening at the feed wheel accepts extremely difficult material with minimal chainsaw work.




  • The 360° by-pass grapple makes it easy for the operator to maneuver the grapple in any position.
  • The heavy duty Model 150 Knuckleboom Loader is the same proven design used on Morbark whole tree chippers.
  • Operator's platform provides for ease of operation and opertator comfort. Joystick controls are located next to the seat.
  • All Hydraulic components are powered directly from the engine, providing "live" hydraulics.
  • Heavy-duty, height adjustable, 360° discharge has 3/4" thick top, 1/4" thich sides and bottom through the radius.
  • All power units are fully enclosed and lockable
  • Full engine instrumentation, complete with safety shutdown systems, is standard equipment on the Model Hurricane 18 with loader.
  • Standard hydraulic front stabilizer ensures ease of hookup to a tow vehicle.
  • Tubular steel frame construction provides superior strength.
  • The 16 ply 235/75R 17.5 tires have rugged 8 bolt rims.
  • Durable torsional suspension provides smooth towing.
  • The lockable steel toolbox protects against theft and damage.
  • Heavy duty 3/8" thick infeed floor slopes to a comfortable loading height.
  • Loader can be left in the transport position in order to utilitize the chipper as a hand-fed.
  • The feed controls on the Model Hurricane 18 can be switched from the laoder-fed to hand-fed right at the operator's seat.
  • With a 20" x 30" infeed opening and an enormous 65" x 38" chute, the Hurricane 18 with loader can easily chip limbs and difficult material without precutting. This requires less manpower and raises chipping efficiency.
  • The Hurricane 18 ensures good visibility of the infeed from the operator's seat.
  • All controls, including the valve bank, are easily accessible to the operator.


Length (approx)
Height (transport)
Feed Rate
100 fpm
2" x 6" tubular
4" x 6" center beam
235/75R 17.5
2.5" lunet ring
Tongue Weight
1,300 lbs
Rear Axle Weight
13,700 lbs
Total Weight
15,000 lbs
Chipping Capacity
188-260 HP
Fuel Capacity
65 gallon
Hydraulic Oil Capacity
41 gallon
Infeed Opening
20" x 30"
Infeed Chute Opening
65" x 38"
(4) - 10.5" x 5" x 0.5"
Drum Diameter
Drum Width
Drum Weight (approx)
1,250 lbs