Morbark DS 76 SP 4x4 Stump Grinder

Morbark D 76 SP 4x4  Stump Grinder

Put a serious spin on stump grinding with a new four-wheel drive stump grinder from Morbark.  The D 76 SP 4x4 stump grinder gets to the stump faster and grinds it quicker, all with minimal operating costs.

With a 76” boom swing arc, the widest in its class, it’s easy to see why.  Grinding more of the stump without repositioning the grinder is one of the many benefits of the expanded sweep. With a 95-percent power transfer from the engine to cutter wheel, the D 76 power transfer system rates the most efficient in the industry.  Factor in the hydrostatic system with 3:1 cooling capacity, and this machine has reached a new level of grinding capability. The hydrostatic drive to the cutter head provides excellent efficiency and torque to power through those tough stumps—up to twice as fast as the competition. In addition, the hydrostatic system provides for cooler running components, which extends component life and generates less heat for increased operator comfort.

Save time and money through the unique design of the hexagon-shaped cutter wheel.  This feature provides for less resistance and friction when grinding through the stump.  Flange bearings assist cutter wheel productivity by minimizing exposure to dirt, which puts less drag on the cutter wheel.  Eight cutter teeth have four cutting edges each, translating into 32 cutting surfaces.  Twenty-four teeth are cutting at all times on Morbark stump grinders, and the benefits don’t end there.  Change the teeth up to six times faster than the competition.  What takes 60 minutes on some stump grinders takes only 8 – 10 minutes on a Morbark.  In addition, teeth can be rotated for maximum life, giving contractors more return on investment.

Adding even more ROI and long-term cost savings to this machine is the 62-HP, liquid-cooled, Caterpillar diesel engine.  While most stump grinder engines use their oil only to cool the engine or are air-cooled, the D 76 SP 4x4 is liquid-cooled.  What does this mean for you?  Look for a longer engine life, better serviceability and better resale value because of this unique feature.  The proof is in the engine warranty-- standard 5 year/ 3,000 hours.

When moving and repositioning, the D 76 is assisted by hydraulic equalization valves.  The machine has excellent stability on rough terrain and steep slopes.  With four-wheel drive and uniform tire size, this grinder will power through mud with ease.  A track version will be available soon, further increasing maneuverability.

Operators will benefit from the optional wireless remote control, complete with a tethered back-up system, optional backfill blade and easy access to service major components.

The D 76 SP 4x4 is a highly productive, heavy-duty stump grinder that opens up market options for specialized stump grinding, landscaping, tree service and small land clearing contractors.  With a wider swing, more horsepower and a larger cutter wheel, this Morbark machine will power through a large volume of stumps in a short amount of time, and that quickly adds up to a better return on your investment now and in the future.


  • Grind the stump faster. Morbark's unique cutter wheel and tooth design grinds the stump up to twice as fast as the competition.
  • The D76SP 4x4x is powered by a 62 HP CAT liquiud cooled diesel engine.
  • A large hydraulic oil tank creates a cool running hydraulic system and extened component life.
  • Morbark offers an optional heavy-duty hydraulic backfull blade on the D76SP 4x4.
  • Hydrostatic drive to the cutter head provides excellent efficiency and torque to power through tough stumps.
  • The best chip retention - up to 12.5 cubic feet - in its class, means more continuous grinding and less repositioning.
  • For easy steering on wet turf, loose gravel and uneven terrain, this 4x4 unit is equipped with hydraulic equalization valves and an articulating front axle.
  • Morbark Stump Grinders were designed using state-of-the-art computer generated failure analysis (CAE) tests. This is followed up with an extensive testing program, which places machines with customers who own competive untis before final production begins.
  • The operator's control station, with well-spaced hydraulic levers, is located near the tail section for maximum visibility of the grinding wheel. Optional wireless and wired remote controls free the operator for optimum visibility and a cleaner working environment.
  • Eight multi-tip cutting tools fastened with one bolt each provide the grinding performance of 32 teeth with the quickest, easiest cutter change in the industry.
  • Piloted flange bearing on the cutter head keeps bearing surfaces out of the dirt resulting in longer bearing life.
  • A 76 inch boom swing arch, the widest in its class, allows more grinding and less repositioning of the grinder.
  • Morbark's uniquely shaped cutter wheel creates less resistance and friction through the stump.

Available Options:

  • Remote Control (Cord or Wireless)
  • Hydraulic Backfill Blade


Overall Height
Overall Width
57" w/ duals
Overall Length
Overall Weight)
3,640 lbs
Turning Radius
8' radius
Boom Distance Up
30" center of shaft
Boom Distance Down
Boom Arc Distance
Cutter Wheel RPM
Cutter Wheel Thickness
Number of Teeth
8 Multi Tip
Fuel Tank Capacity
12 gallons
Oil Tank Capacity
30 gallons
Tire Size
23 x 8.50-12