Cone-Head ® Brush Chipper Model 560

  • Conehead 560 ChipperKnife angle creates slicing action
  • Unique Chipper drum design improves efficiency up to 63%
  • Many models and horsepower ranges to choose from
  • Feeds easier with less limbing and trimming (Widest In-feeds)
  • Chips easier with less horsepower
  • Chips most efficiently: Wood naturally moves to center of Cone-Head at highest torque area to maximize horsepower
  • Lower fuel consumption: Cone Head chips easier
  • Lower maintenance cost: Smooth chipping action is less abusive to the overall machine increasing machine life
  • Minimal vibration resulting in less metal fatigue
  • Low slung wide in-feed is easy to feed, resulting in fewer lifting related injuries and operator fatigue
  • Unique rugged Cone Head drum requires less maintenance
  • Cutting angle makes knives last longer
  • Horsepower is matched with Cone Head and frame size


Model   560
Diameter Capacity   21”
Opening     21” X 28 "
H.P.     185 - 260
Standard  Weight 12,000 lbs.
Length     17’8"
Width   8’
Torsion Axle 7000 lbs. Tandem
Swivel   Discharge 360°
Channel  Frame 6” H.D.