Cone-Head ® Brush Chipper by Dyamanic Mfg. Corp.

Conehead ChipperAll other manufacturers claim that their chippers "use less fuel" or are "more efficient".  So do we.  But we can prove it.  Comparative tests by an independent agency conducted scientific tests to accurately quantify and document the differences in the various chipper designs on the market (disc, drum, Cone-Head drum, and Discone).  Findings confirmed that the patented Cone-Head and patent pending Discone chippers produce more tons per horsepower per hour and use less fuel while doing it (more tons/gallon) than both disc and drum style chippers.

Others can say they are better.  We can prove it with a tape measure, scales, and a dipstick.  Try one and you'll see for yourself. 

  • Knife angle creates slicing action
  • Unique Chipper drum design improves efficiency up to 63%
  • Many models and horsepower ranges to choose from
  • Feeds easier with less limbing and trimming (Widest In-feeds)
  • Chips easier with less horsepower
  • Chips most efficiently: Wood naturally moves to center of Cone-Head at highest torque area to maximize horsepower
  • Lower fuel consumption: Cone Head chips easier
  • Lower maintenance cost: Smooth chipping action is less abusive to the overall machine increasing machine life
  • Minimal vibration resulting in less metal fatigue
  • Low slung wide in-feed is easy to feed, resulting in fewer lifting related injuries and operator fatigue
  • Unique rugged Cone Head drum requires less maintenance
  • Cutting angle makes knives last longer
  • Horsepower is matched with Cone Head and frame size

Available Models: