Bandit - HB19 Stump Cutter

HB19 Self Propelled Stump Grinder

Bandit HB19 Stump Grinder

The self propelled HB19 is compact and surprisingly powerful.  Its narrow width enables it to manuever in tight locations not accessible by larger machines.

This rugged unit has a cutting depth of 22 inches and a cutting height of 24 inches.  There are three engine options to choose from that include a Kohler 13 HP, a Kohler 20 HP, and a Honda 13 HP.


Dimensions 98"
Width 29"
Height 58"
Length 98"
Weight 579
Steel Fuel Tank Capacity 4 gallon
Mobility narrow width allow it to maneuver in tight locations
Cutting Depth 22"
Cutting Heigth 24"
Number of Teeth 12
Wheel Diameter 19" with teeth
Wheel Thickness 3/8"
Drive System V-Drive
Self-Propelled System Hydrostatic


  • Special paint colors
  • Tachometer/hour meter
  • Combination English/Spanish decals


Urethane Bandit Yellow
Urethane Black
Urethane Green
Urethane Alert Orange
Urethane Caterpillar Yellow


Manufacturer Model
Kohler CH13S 13 Gasoline
Kohler CH20S 20 Gasoline
Honda N/A 13 Gasoline