Bandit - 3200T Stump Cutter

3200T Towable Stump Grinder

Bandit 3200T Stump Grinder

The Model 3200 towable is a high production, rugged stump grinder that will easily and quicky remove stumps.

The Model 3200 towable is a machine for those who want to quicky dispose of stumps.  As with all Bandit Stump Grinders this unit features a heavy-duty bearing pivot design providing durable, dependable up and down and side to side pivot system.  Radio and tether remotes are also available as options for this unit.


Dimensions 79" X 79" X 180"
Width 79"
Height 79"
Length 180"
Weight 5,040 pounds
Tires and Axles 7,000 pound torflex axle with 245/75R 16", 10 ply rated tires
Steel Fuel Tank Capacity 24.5 gallons
Steel Hydraulic Tank Capacity 6.3 gallons
Cut/Swing 97"
Cutting Depth 23"
Cutting Heigth 49"
Number of Teeth 48
Wheel Thickness 1 1/2"
Drive System Belt drive
Cutter shaft bearing size 2 7/16"
Lift cylinder 4" X 12" X 1 1/2"
Tongue cylinder size 3" X 60" X 1 1/2"
Swing cylinder size 3 1/2" X 8" X 1 1/2"
Chip containment 81 cubic feet
Hydraulic pump output 5 GPM @2800 RPM's
Hydraulic system pressure 1500 psi


  • Spare tire and wheel
  • Special paint colors
  • Tachometer/hour meter
  • Radio remote control
  • Engine pre-cleaner
  • Lockable filler cap covers for fuel and hydraulic tanks


Urethane Bandit Yellow
Urethane Black
Urethane Green
Urethane Alert Orange
Urethane Caterpillar Yellow


Manufacturer Model
Deutz BF4L2011 79 Diesel