Bandit - 3200 Stump Cutter

3200 Track Stump Grinder

Bandit 3200 Track Stump Grinder

The model 3200 track stump grinder is a unique stump grinder for the serious stump removal contractor..

The highly maneuverable 3200 self-propelled stumper makes stump removal quick and easy.  A Caterpillar 303CR rubber tracked undercarriage propels the unit and provides the power to cover hills and offers plenty of flotation for soft conditions.  The track drive has a two speed hydraulic drive for manuevering and a creep speed for grinding.


Dimensions 77" X 84" X 145"
Width 77"
Height 84"
Length 145"
Weight 7,200 pounds
Steel Fuel Tank Capacity 44 gallons
Steel Hydraulic Tank Capacity 44 gallons
Mobility Caterpillar 303CR rubber-tracked undercarriage
Cut/Swing 97"
Cutting Depth 24"
Cutting Heigth 84"
Number of Teeth 48
Wheel Diameter 32"
Wheel Thickness 1 1/2"
Drive System Belt drive
Lift cylinder 3" X 12"
Swing cylinder size (2) 3" X 4"
Chip containment 81 cubic feet


  • Special paint colors
  • Lockable filler cap covers for fuel and hydraulic tanks
  • Hydraulic pressure check kit
  • Grading blade
  • Radio remote throttle
  • Heavy duty rotating amber warning light
  • Flood lights


Urethane Bandit Yellow
Urethane Black
Urethane Green
Urethane Alert Orange
Urethane Caterpillar Yellow


Manufacturer Model
Deutz BF4L2011 79 Diesel