Bandit - 2900 Stump Cutter

2900 Track Stump Grinder

Bandit 3200 Track Stump Grinder

If you are looking for a powerful backyard stump grinder, than the Model 2900 Track is for you!  The 2900 is a new addtion to our stump grinder line that features a self propelled rubber track undercarriage.

The 2900 track has the power to take on the biggest jobs and the versatlity to manuever around in tight areas.  The rubber tracks will retract to 35 inches allowing the operator to pass through a 36 inch gate.  They then expand out to 53 inches providing stability when traveling over uneven and rough terrain.  The 2900 comes standard with a radio remote allowing the user to control the drive functions, grinding function, cutter wheel engagement, and throttle from a remote location. 

The dual speed drive system allows the operator to spend less time getting to and from the stump, traveling between 0 and 70 feet per minute while in low and between 0 and 150 feet per minute while in high.

The diameter of our cutter wheel is designed to generate the maximum amount of kinetic energy and provide the torque rquired for grinding. 

The hydraulic tank pivots 10 inches allowing the operator to inspect and maintain hydraulic hoses without the hassle of removing the hydraulic tank.


Width 35" w/ track in and 53" with tracks expanded out
Height 53"
Length 138"
Weight 4,300 pounds
Steel Fuel Tank Capacity 10 gallons
Steel Hydraulic Tank Capacity 28 gallons
Tool/Battery Box
Cut/Swing 67"
Cutting Depth 18.5"
Cutting Heigth 42.5"
Number of Teeth 24
Wheel Diameter 28"
Drive System Hydrostatic
Self-Propelled System Expandable rubber tracks
Travel speed (low) 0 and 70 ft/min
Travel speed (high) 0 and 150 ft/min
Hydraulic pump output 74 GPM
Radio remote and Tether
remote with 25 foot cable
Air cleaner and pre-cleaner
Live hydraulics


  • Special paint colors
  • Tachometer/hour meter
  • Hydraulic pressure check kit
  • Grading blade
  • Super Sweep
  • Turf Tracks (In lieu of standard tracks)


Urethane Bandit Yellow
Urethane Black
Urethane Green
Urethane Alert Orange
Urethane Caterpillar Yellow


Manufacturer Model
Deutz BF4L2011 79 Diesel