Bandit - 2800 Stump Cutter

2800 Self Propelled Stump Grinder

Bandit 2800 Stump Grinder

If you are looking for a powerful back yard stump grinder , the Model 2800 self-propelled Stump Bandit is for you.  Its powerful drive enables this unit to quicky reach the stump.

The 2800 self-propelled stumper is rugged yet compact enough to fit through a 36" garden gate and is available with a 61 HP air or water cooled diesel engine. The powerful 4-optional drive undercarriage features low and high speed ranges allowing you to get to the stump quickly with the power to climb hills and traverse uneven terrain.


Dimensions 35" X 60" X 131"
Width 35"
Height 60"
Length 131"
Weight 3,460 pounds
Steel Fuel Tank Capacity 10 gallons
Steel Hydraulic Tank Capacity 28 gallons
Cut/Swing 70"
Cutting Depth 15"
Cutting Heigth 43"
Number of Teeth 24
Wheel Diameter 21 3/4"
Wheel Thickness 1 1/2"
Drive System
Self-Propelled System 2 or 4 wheel drive
Travel speed (low) 0-120 feet/minute or0-1.3 miles/ hour
Travel speed (high) 0-240 feet/minute or 0-2.6 miles/hour


  • Special paint colors
  • Tachometer/hour meter
  • Combination English/Spanish decals
  • Hydraulic pressure check kit
  • Grading blade


Urethane Bandit Yellow
Urethane Black
Urethane Green
Urethane Alert Orange
Urethane Caterpillar Yellow


Manufacturer Model
Deutz BF3L2011F 61 Diesel
Caterpillar 3024CT 61 Diesel