Bandit Industries, Inc.

Hand Feed Chippers - When the success of your tree job depends on your hand fed chipper you'd better be using a Bandit!! All Bandit hand fed chippers have powerful feed systems that limit trimming, reducing wood preparation costs.

Model 65XL  (6" Disc Style) Brush Bandit

The Model 65xl has been on the market for over a year now and has proven to be a dependable and rugged machine.  This unit has been very popular among rental and hardware stores, and is also now being purchased by smaller tree services that have brush and small trees to chip. 

Model 90  (9" Disc Style) Brush Bandit
This rugged, compact 9 inch diameter capacity chipper meets the needs of most tree services, contractor's and govermental agencies, while delivering years of dependable service.
Model 95  (9" Disc Style) Brush Bandit
The Model 95 is designed for materials that are more difficult to chip such as vines and stringy materials like palm waste.
Model 150  (12" Disc Style) Brush Bandit
The Model 150 is the smallest of the three 12 inch disc chippers available from Bandit.  This unit is an industry standard and is economical and compact.
Model 200+  (12" Disc Style) Brush Bandit
The Model 200+ is our second 12 inch disc style chipper available. This unit is a real work horse, that will keep two people busy feeding it.
Model 250  (12" Disc Style) Brush Bandit
The Model 250 has become our most popular 12" diameter capacity hydraulic feed disc-style chippper. The unit has a wider chipper opening, bigger infeed chute and larger, more powerful hydraulic feed system.  Thus, it has a greater ability to process limby material reducing the need to trim the material to be chipped.
Model 254  (14" Disc Style) Brush Bandit
This hydraulic feed, disc-style chipper is similar to Bandit's popular Model 250 because it boasts the same powerful feed system. It differs from the 250 because its 287 square inch chipper opening is 25% greater than that of its counterpart.
Model 280  (18" Disc Style) Brush Bandit
The Model 280 is the most productive hand-fed chipper available. A great machine for those larger diameter, forked trees.
Model 1290H  (12" Drum Style) Brush Bandit

This compact chipper with an oversized drum delivers years of dependable service and high performance. 

Model 1590  (15" Drum Style) Brush Bandit
Our intermediate drum chipper, the Model 1590, has become our most popular hydraulic-feed drum style chipper. 
Model 1890 (Standard)  (18" Drum Style) Drum Chipper
The Model 1890 standard is a dependable drum style chipper that has the same capacity as our 1890hd, but comes with smaller horsepower options.
Model 1890HD  (18" Drum Style) Brush Bandit
The Model 1890 heavy-duty is a high capacity hydraulic feed drum-style chipper specifically designed for those contractors and governmental agencies who tackle full tree removals and light land clearing. 
Model 1990  (18" Drum Syle) Brush Bandit
The model 1990 is a high powered machine designed to chip large, crotchy material.  This unit is bigger and more powerful than the 1890HD, featuring a 37 inch diameter by 26 inch wide drum. 
12" Conventional Drum Style  Brush Bandit
With the Drum Bandit you will get the quality of a Bandit Chipper with unique features that enhance performance, reduce operational costs and lower your chipping costs.
16" Conventional Drum Style  Brush Bandit
The conventional drum chipper has been the mainstay of the utility line maintenance contractor for more than 30 years. They are easy to operate, easy to maintain and are extremely efficient.

Stump Grinders
With the addtion of the model 2900 and 3400 Bandit now has eight different stump grinder models to choose from. These high quality, high productive machines are available as towable units or as self-propelled units.

HB19  Self Propelled Stump Grinder
The self propelled HB19 is compact and surprisingly powerful.  Its narrow width enables it to manuever in tight locations not accessible by larger machines.
Model 2100  Self-Propelled Stump Grinder
A rugged yet lightweight, compact stump grinder, the 2100 self-propelled stump grinder features a 21" diameter grinding wheel with 20 teeth. High quality, hydraulic control valves are used to make the movement of the machine as smooth as possible.
Model 2800T  Towable Stump Grinder
The economically priced Model 2800 Towable is constructed with a direct mechanical drive in lieu of the hydrostatic drive found on the self-propelled machine.
Model 2800  Self-Propelled Stump Grinder

If you are looking for a powerful back yard stump grinder , the Model 2800 self-propelled Stump Bandit is for you.  Its powerful drive enables this unit to quicky reach the stump.

Model 3200T  Towable Stump Grinder
The Model 3200 towable is a high production, rugged stump grinder that will easily and quicky remove stumps.
Model 3200  Track Stump Grinder
The model 3200 track stump grinder is a unique stump grinder for the serious stump removal contractor. 
Model 2900  Track Stump Grinder
If you are looking for a powerful backyard stump grinder, than the Model 2900 Track is for you!  The 2900 is a new addtion to our stump grinder line that features a self propelled rubber track undercarriage.
Model 3400  Track Stump Grinder
This stumper is equipped with a hydrostatic system incorporating a rotating case motor which eliminates the necessity of a belt or gear for the final cutter wheel drive.  The Caterpillar 140 horsepower will deliver the power needed